Bone Augmentation with Dental Implants

Jawing about the Jawbone: Bone Augmentation with Dental Implants

Wouldn’t it be great if everything always went perfectly? If every teenager passed the drivers’ test on the first try? If every dinner you cooked tasted like a gourmet meal? Unfortunately, life has its imperfections. The same holds true for patients seeking dental implants.

Down to the Bone

When patients have a missing tooth and wish to replace it with a dental implant, the dental implant specialist will begin with a thorough examination and will develop a treatment plan. The dentist will determine what type of implant will work best in the space and whether any work needs to be done on the gums or bone before conducting the implant surgery. In some patients, the situation isn’t perfect and conditions aren’t right to receive a dental implant.

If a patient does not have enough bone to support the implant, the bone must be built up to a sufficient level. Here’s why: The bottom part of the device, which is the actual implant, looks like a tiny screw. The dentist inserts it into the jawbone at the spot of the missing tooth roots to replace them. For the implant to fit properly, a certain amount of bone is needed. Sometimes, the bone is not wide enough or tall enough. Bone tissue must be added in a process called bone augmentation.

The Nuts and Bolts of Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation in oral implantology is completed by obtaining bone matter and surgically attaching it to the alveolar bone, which is the jawbone. The new bone tissue can come from several sources:

  • Another bone in your body
  • Donor bone tissue
  • Cadaver bone tissue
  • Synthetic tissue that acts as bone tissue

bone augmentation with dental implant nycAll of these material types are safe to use in your mouth, although donor bone tissue may need to be matched with your tissue. The dental implant specialist will choose the material that will work best for you. The oral surgery involves cutting the gum and using dental tools to graft the new tissue onto the bone. In some cases, this surgery is done separately and given time for dental bone graft recovery before implant placement. In other cases, the augmentation and the dental implant surgery can be done in the same visit.

You might say: “So what if my jawbone isn’t perfect! I don’t need bone augmentation and a dental implant.” You may need it more than you know. When a tooth, roots and all, is removed, the blood vessels in the tooth pulp are gone. The nutrients from the blood that would have supported the bone structure no longer flow through the jaw in that spot. The bone tissue begins to deteriorate and, over time, continues to diminish. The area around the missing bone sinks in, affecting how you look. Your oral health may suffer, and you may develop problems with speaking and chewing.

Conversely, with bone augmentation and a dental implant, the bone tissue bonds with the implant, grows around it, and heals. Your jawbone stays healthy and your appearance remains intact.

The Perfect Solution: A Top Manhattan Dentist

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