What’s Your Type? Dental Implant Options in NYC

If you watch television, you may see ads for dental implants. Advertisements often show patients walking into a cosmetic dentist’s office and walking out with a mouth full of beautiful new teeth, compliments of the dental implant procedure! Not all dental implants are completed as a one-day process, and they aren’t all alike. Our Midtown Manhattan dentists are here to explain some of the differences in types of dental implants.

Dental Implant Types, Techniques, and Sizes

Dental implants can vary by material, size, and implantation procedure. Here are a few of the major categories that differentiate implants:

Type of Dental Implants:

  • Endosteal – Although the name sounds like something a superhero would use, this type of implant is typically made with a super metal, titanium. The shape resembles a tiny screw. It’s placed into the bone and used as an anchor for the implant.
  • Subperiosteal – Sometimes, a patient’s gum tissue isn’t sufficient for the placement of an implant. The doctor may want to build up the bone using a process called bone augmentation. If this can’t be done, a subperiosteal implant is fitted under the gum but is not screwed into the jawbone.

Dental Implant Placement Technique:

  • Two-stage – The implant is placed in the jawbone during a surgical procedure. Time is set aside for healing. Generally a few months later, the second stage involves cutting the gum, attaching a connector to the implant anchor, and placing a crown on top. This is the most common scenario for patients.
  • Single-stage – In this case, the implant is longer than in the two-stage process. It extends above the gum line, allowing the attachment of the connector, also called an abutment, and crown without any dental implant surgery. Even so, there is a healing period after implant placement, requiring a second visit.
  • Immediate Loading – The one-day dental implant procedure that is often advertised on television involves an immediate loading process. This means that the tooth extraction (if required), the implant, connector, and crown are all placed on the same day. Not everyone is a candidate for this process. Patients are evaluated by the dental implant specialist and must have perfect oral conditions, such as enough bone and gum tissue, to be approved.

Sizes: Teeth come in different sizes. The space left behind by pulled teeth varies. Implants come in several sizes including standard, mini, narrow and wide.

In addition to the listed differences in dental implants, there can be variation in the connector type and the surface treatment. Does this seem like a lot of information to remember? You don’t need to recall the facts. Your oral surgeon, dentist or specialist will examine your mouth, take images, and recommend the best path for you.

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