Mind the Gap in NYC between your teeth, not the subway, with Dental Implants

Baby teeth are made to be lost, making room for our permanent set. As a rite of passage, we celebrate and take photos of children with missing teeth. Not so for adults who lose teeth. Many people feel embarrassed about having a gap in their mouths. People who lose teeth can suffer oral health issues such as jawbone and gum tissue loss, sunken features, and difficulty in speaking and chewing food. Fortunately, the best dentist in NYC offers dental implants to replace the tooth and to keep your smile healthy.

The Whys of Adult Tooth Loss

Typically, adult teeth do not simply fall out. Extreme trauma to the mouth would be required for this to happen. Teeth, however, can loosen or become damaged enough to require pulling or surgical removal by a dentist or dental implant specialist. Here are some of the main direct causes and underlying factors for tooth loss:

Direct Causes Underlying Factors
Dental Caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities Poor oral home care

Lack of professional dental care

Poor diet


Chewing tobacco

Drug use


Periodontal (Gum) Disease Dry mouth due to autoimmune diseases



Bone Loss Illnesses such as diabetes and cancer

Treatments including chemotherapy, immunosuppressants


Trauma Injury breakage




Many dental carries can be prevented by proper oral care including consistent brushing, flossing, and visits to a general dentist. Eating healthy foods and avoiding tobacco and drug use also help to prevent cavity development. Grinding and clenching issues can be discussed with your dentist, who may recommend wearing a bite guard. If you’ve had a sports injury, car accident, or other injury involving your mouth, jaw, and teeth, consult the best dentist in NYC for an examination.

Why Are Dental Implants the Solution?

Once a tooth has been removed, the mouth must adjust to what’s missing. An empty space is left behind and no tooth root is living below the gum line and in the jawbone. With more room in your mouth, your teeth are likely to shift. Without the root, your jawbone and gum tissue can deteriorate, potentially causing problems with chewing, digesting and speaking as well as affecting your appearance. A dental implant replaces the tooth in a way that fills the space appropriately, keeps your teeth from shifting, and stimulates the jawbone and surrounding tissue.

Dental implants have an anchor piece or fixture that looks like a screw. The best dentists in NYC will conduct a minor surgical procedure to cut the gum and fit the implant into the correct spot of the jawbone. Generally, the process is completed under local anesthetic and may involve some preparatory work to your bone or gum tissue. For most implants, time is needed for the tissue to heal and the bone to bond with the implant. At a later date, an abutment, or connector piece, is attached to the screw, followed by the attachment of the restoration, or crown. The final product results in a structure that looks like the tooth that was replaced and that protects your bone and gums from deterioration.Dental Imlant Center NYC

Who Can Provide Information on the Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental implants can help you to look and to feel good. Who wouldn’t want to call our NYC Dental Implant Center and make an appointment? Our number is (917) 994-9474. Call today!

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