Implant Types

We are experts and specialize in tooth replacements of all kinds. Below are a few examples of the range of procedures that we can do.

Single Tooth Replacements:

Single Tooth Replacements: We utilize the newest methods to repair single teeth. Older doctors used to create a bridge between adjacent teeth. The dental implant eliminates the need to attach to adjacent existing teeth. The single implant is placed into the bone and gives the look and feel of a natural, real tooth without damaging the adjacent teeth.


Replacing Multiple Teeth:

Replacing multiple teeth: Older techniques used partials that adhered to the adjacent teeth using clasps and adhesives. They would rest on the gum leaving a void where the natural tooth root once was resulting in erosion and loss of bone. Implants are anchored into the bone mimicking the natural tooth root attachment, keeping adjacent teeth and the jaw bone healthy for the long term.


Implant Supported Denture:

Implant supported denture: Old, unsupported dentures rest on the gum tissue causing discomfort, irritation and pressure that leads to gum and bone loss. New, dental implants stimulate the jaw bone quality. Dental implants also allow you to speak, smile, and chew with confidence.