You will notice that our Manhattan Dentistry team is very skilled in providing your necessary services, but you will also notice the way in which they attend to you. We selected people who are friendly, caring, and competent. You will be very happy to have them help you with your dental health.

Manhattan Dentistry - Amy Registered Dental Hygientist at Sachar Dental

Amy – Registered Dental Hygienist

Amy earned her dental hygiene degree from the College of Dentistry at New York University in 2012 and was immediately attracted to an opportunity to work with a team committed to advancing their skills and knowledge with dentistry and technology. As a healthcare professional, she always knew her calling was to serve people and develop lasting relationships by promoting health through the provision of dental hygiene care. During her undergrad work, she gravitated toward dentistry for the opportunity to truly help people and create beautiful, healthy smiles. She has received advanced training and certification to administer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide sedation, and she is looking forward to completing her Master’s in Public Health in 2016!


Manhattan Dentistry - Keisha Office Manager at Sachar DentalKeisha – Office Manager

Keisha has been in the dental field for over 11 years and has been a part of the Manhattan Dentistry practice at Sachar Dental since 2013. It did not take Keisha very long to become Dr. Sachar’s right-hand person when it comes to running the office as smoothly and efficiently as Dr. Sachar envisioned. Her passion is to help people, and at Sachar Dental she does just that! From the first phone call to treatment planning and payment options, Keisha’s goal has always been to exceed patient expectations.



Manhattan Dentistry - Angie Head Dental Assistant at Sachar DentalAngie – Head Dental Assistant

Angie is a foreign-trained dentist and has been Sachar Dental’s head cosmetic dentistry dental assistant for over 8 years. She keeps the office running smoothly by assisting our general dentists as well as specialists as efficiently as possible. She is kind, caring, and gentle, while at the same time highly skilled and efficient.





Manhattan Dentistry - Lucia Dental Assistant at Sachar DentalLucia – Dental Assistant

Lucia has been working with Dr. Sachar since 2002. She is a foreign-trained dentist and decided to continue in the field of dentistry in the US as an assistant after she moved here. She is soft-spoken, kind, and caring and always smiling.