Mini Dental Implants

On Trend with the Downsizing Movement: Mini Dental Implants

You’ve heard of mini cars, miniskirts, and mini-malls. Have you ever heard of mini dental implants? They do exist! Dental implants come in several sizes, including standard, wide, mini, and narrow. The mini dental implants are smaller than the standard and wide implants and have two parts rather than three. If your NYC Dental Implant Specialists determines that you need a mini implant, here’s some information that you may want to know.

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are both shorter and narrower in diameter than the standard size. This allows the dentist to place them in a tighter spot. They can replace any tooth, but are typically used to replace a small tooth, a front tooth, or one that has a narrower space available under the gum line. The shorter structure allows the mini dental implant to fit into bone tissue that isn’t optimally dense. This means that patients who have suffered bone loss have a dental implant option.

Before dental implants came to be, patients with multiple missing teeth could choose full or partial dentures and bridges. With a full denture, typically four mini implants are used. Once the implants are in place, the dentures connect securely to them. No adhesives are needed. Denture-wearers with mini implant dentures no longer suffer from loose dentures that click or slip out of place. Bridges can be fit in much the same way.

Another reason for apply mini dental implants concerns the patient, although not for a dental issue. Because mini implants are smaller and have only two parts, a top dentist in Manhattan can usually place them within one visit. The procedure is less invasive and offers a quicker recovery time. Patients may have one of several reasons to want a one-visit, simpler procedure, including a lack of time for multiple visits, a medical issue that prevents more than one visit, or a cost issue as the mini implants are generally less expensive.

Expert Dental Implant Specialists Nearby

If you have lost a tooth or are about to have one pulled, you might consider, “Is there a dentist that provides mini dental implants near me?” The answer is yes! Please call our NYC dental office at (917) 994-9474 to inquire about dental implant options. After an examination, we can tell you which size of dental implant is right for you. If a mini implant is the best option for you, our dental implant specialists will expertly conduct the procedure for you. Don’t delay and let your problem get worse. Make an appointment at our 10017 dentist office today.

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